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Unique campaigns to unleash your brands full potential

Countless advertising investments go to waste due to inconsistent communication. CROSSMEDIAs MEDIA DNA ensures all campaigns reflect your brands unique personality.

“Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution
to the complex symbol which is the brand image”

David Ogilvy

How consistent is your brands communication?

A consistent brand experience across all touchpoints can boost your revenue by up to 33%. But that is easier said than done in the face of ever-increasing complexity: new products to promote, additional audience segments, expansion into unfamiliar markets and fast-growing fragmentation of media channels and ad formats can turn even the best intentions into a herculean task for any marketing executive or brand manager. This is where Corporate Identity comes into play, providing guidelines for aspects like the appearance, message and even behavior of your company. But one crucially important aspect has been missing from the picture for far too long: Media. Because it has long been proven that the way brands are built and established in the minds of consumers, has just as much to do with the timing, placement and tonality of their communication efforts as with their message. ​

Your brand at the heart of all media planning

Media is a substantial force in your marketing mix, contributing more than a third to the overall effectiveness of your campaign. We make sure this vital driver of success is incorporated in your Corporate Identity. MEDIA DNA finally sets the stage for your brand to shine through media in a way that always reflects your treasured brand values, that you spent time and money to cultivate and refine. Based on your brand identity our MEDIA DNA recommends comprehensive guidelines, covering campaign set-up, media choice, placements, formats and much more than that. In doing so it not only protects your brand investment, but also guarantees optimal conditions for your message and creatives to unfold their full potential.

Always keep track of what’s important

Media planning is an increasingly complex task: Success or failure of your campaign depends on as many as 300+ factors that make up the composition of your campaign. With your individual MEDIA DNA you no longer have to guess which ones are most decisive when it comes to influencing your brands perception.

Test your brands true personality

The MEDIA DNAs solid foundation is a proprietary Brand Personality Model, developed by CROSSMEDIAs brand experts in collaboration with renowned research institute Innofact. It incorporates elements and ideas of time-tested, established psychological approaches like Big5 and the works of Aaker et al. and transforms it into practically applicable marketing insights, via cutting edge research technology. Our representative survey asked over 5,000 people about their perception of Germanys most popular brands in order to develop a clear picture of differentiating brand personality items across sectors that actually define brands and make them stand out in the eye of consumers.

Advertisers’ North Star for successful and sustainable communication

In addition to enhancing the consumers brand experience, your own MEDIA DNA provides a powerful platform for collaboration across teams and agencies. Based on your brands distinct values it creates a shared understanding and common guidelines for future campaigns and beyond. It sparks inspiration in the creative process of developing unique communication ideas and harmonizes media and message for best-in-class results. You will never again want to miss this valuable tool, turbo-charging your strategic brand management and laying the foundation for accelerated, sustainable brand growth.

Traits in the Brand Personality Model

Media Guidelines


Brand transfer in every campaign

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